About Me

So - this is us. For now, anyway.

What I talk about on here on Candid Diversions:

Spiritual / Inner Life
  • real life lessons I've learned
  • devotions
  • personality insights (My favorite is Myers-Briggs)
Relationships - Marriage / Parenting
  • tips for how we live life with 5 kids
  • parenting philosophy
  • how we keep our marriage strong
Homeschooling / Education
  • Tips and tricks
  • Links to resources or sites I find helpful
Intellect / Academic Life
  • Books I'm reading
  • Writing and grammar (self professed grammar nerd here!)
  • Learning new skills as an adult
  • Quotes that inspire me
  • The "just for fun" kind of posts
  • quizzes
  • videos that catch my eye
Good stuff from elsewhere
  • Weekly links posts that contain all of the above
The usual cast of characters:

My husband (whom I occasionally refer to as Prince Charming here on the blog - because he is completely charming and his real name is Philip) is on staff at our church (working primarily with children), subs as a school teacher, and moonlights as game designer and blog designer (he did mine!).

Then there's me. I am his wife. Oh, and the mother of his children. Also: child of God, homeschool mom, designated laundry lady, penny-pincher, house cleaner (although, if I employed me, I'd fire me), pianist, piano teacher (when I have students), reader (I wish I got paid for reading, then maybe I could justify the time spent), wannabe writer, and many other things which you will become acquainted with as you read this blog.

I am a homeschool graduate (K-12), which makes us a second generation homeschool family. I also have a degree in Christian Counseling, which I earned over eight years of on and off study, mostly through correspondence courses, because that is what I could handle whilst giving birth to 4 children and raising those aforesaid children. (I guess you could say I also homeschooled for college, then.)

My girls are known on this blog as Polly, Tigger, Sweet Pea, and Lili. Some of the names are more, shall we say, fitting than others. Their actual names start with the same letter and have the same number of letters. Their middle names are all one syllable. Prince Charming and I either have too much imagination or not enough, depending on how you feel about such naming shenanigans.

In February of 2012 we had a miscarriage and lost our Baby #5. His name is Isaiah and you will see him or the horrible experience that is miscarriage mentioned from time to time.

On May 1, 2013 we added our newest member of the family: our much prayed for and loved Baby Boy.
He's known as iBoy here on the blog. He is, as you can see, perfect.

I am the oldest in my family - I have two younger sisters and one much beloved younger brother, known both on this blog and elsewhere as Bear but don't call him that to his face because it isn't a good idea to taunt the bears. My parents each have a blog, so if you'd like to know more about me you could ask them.

I also have four little nephews who may show up from time to time, the oldest got the blog nickname "Fen", but the other three are as yet un-blog-named.  I highly recommend having a nephew or two around, if at all possible. I have a niece too, born in April 2012. And she's turned out to be just as fun as our nephews.

I wrote a post of 100 Things About Me, way back in 2007. Most of it is still true, if you update the how long by however many years it's been since 2007.

Note: As of 12/31/14, this blog will no longer be actively publishing. You can find more of the content that you enjoyed here at my new online home: Living Unabridged.