Thursday, January 1, 2015

Changes for Candid Diversions

Candid Diversions was born in 2007. Since that time I've had two babies, a miscarriage, moved twice, homeschooled from preschool up to 8th grade, and read a lot of books along the way.

I've also learned more about blogging since the first tentative days when I opened my first blogspot address. Blogging started as a hobby, a way to keep family and friends informed of the little things that happened, the funny things the kids said (even though I gave them all pseudonyms), and what I was reading and learning.

Back then, I didn't have a niche. I didn't have a plan. I just had words and they wanted out.

1,500+ posts later, the words still want out. But I need to be more disciplined about how, when, and why they are shared. And, honestly, if possible, I need my blog time to provide more for my family than just an outlet. We've added two more children to our lives, and many more expenses, but not much more income.

So, with those thoughts in mind, I've decided to change blog homes.

My husband has helped me set up a brand new blog. There's a new address. There will be all new (though still familiar) content. I won't be taking Candid Diversions down, or moving all the CD posts. I may even stop in here from time to time.

But the new home for my blog writing life will be Living Unabridged. I hope you'll come with me. It's a new look (Wordpress is different from Blogger in many ways) but I think it will look familiar too.

And just like when you move into a new house, everything isn't quite where it will stay. It's still unfinished and everything isn't moved in. Because I didn't move all my Candid Diversions posts, there isn't a lot of content, yet. But there will be, because there are still so many things to say, so many books to read, and so much life to live.

I hope to see you there!