Monday, September 1, 2014

Love and Labor

Know what's fun on Labor Day (or as Polly calls it, "No labor day")? Sharing birth stories.

My two men readers just ran for the hills.

But for those of you left, here are the four birth stories I've shared before:

  • Baby Girl #1: The interventions are like falling dominoes but giving birth is about the result, not the path labor.
  • Baby Girl #2: The "honey it's time" labor.
  • Baby Girl #3: The seriously, get a doctor right this minute labor.
  • Baby Girl #4: The NINE? Seriously?! labor.
I've never shared the iBoy's birth story. It's funny to think about now, because it has some similarities to each of the previous 4. He was our earliest, over a week early. I'm pretty sure that was because of our rushing to get out of our house (that we'd sold but didn't have a contract) and into our rental. We only spent one full night in the rental before he was born the next day.

Once again, labor started with my water breaking. I tried to resist going to the hospital since it was the middle of the night, but the midwife (I saw a nurse midwife for this pregnancy) on call was concerned since this was my sixth pregnancy and fifth labor and she thought things might progress quickly.

They didn't.

But we kept interventions to a minimum, we did a lot of hall walking and hot showers. They pretty much left us alone to do our own thing until the very end. (We watched a constant stream of HGTV in between contractions. Property Brothers still gives me a nostalgic feeling when I happen to catch an episode.)
In the end, we had to consent to a few more interventions than I wanted. But having a midwife who actually listened to me made a lot of difference.

Another difference with his birth was we were accepted into a study (remember: I've delivered all our babies at a teaching hospital) on kangaroo care. So we were skin to skin for the first hours of his life, with just a few minutes separation for weighing and such and a quick chance for his daddy to say hello.

I loved this, but other family members are still a little indignant that I "hogged the baby" all that time.

Hey, if you do the work, you get the reward, right?

Happy Labor Day!
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