Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Words on Wednesday: Kitchen Table Genius

Quote from the September issue ofReader's Digest
originally taken from What the Dog Saw: And Other Adventures by Malcolm Gladwell.
What I'm reading now:
Yes, my reading stack is kind of pitiful these days. (The Christmas book is actually a song book. And the two "books" on the far right are actually my personal inspiration books) The Oxford Book of American Verse is an old library discard that I keep on hand because poetry is a great way to fill spare minutes.

Actual books in my stack:

"Just Babies" was recommended to us by our pediatrician (yes, we even talk about books with our family doctors). I don't agree with the worldview, but it's fairly interesting so far. You can also see that war just won't leave my stack alone. Despite my purge of my reading stack, these two stuck.

Current Kindle reads:
This one is free for Kindle. I've never actually read any of Christie's Tommy and Tuppence books so this is first for me.

Current read aloud:
(This image is the Kindle edition, but we actually have an older copy, which is apparently not available any more)

Current book to review: None. I've signed up for another program, but I don't know if I've been accepted yet. And most of the options at Blogging for Books just don't appeal to me right now. Maybe something will catch my eye soon.

If you'd like to see more of what I've read in the past, what I'm reading now, or what I hope to read soon, you can find me on Goodreads.

What are you reading now? And do you have any suggestions for what I should add to my stack?

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dawn said...

I love the idea that genius can be acquired. Thanks for linking in!

kortney said...

kitchen table genius: what a lovely turn of phrase.

by the way, your pictures are rich and evocative. and three cheers for goodreads : )

Karen said...

Thanks for hosting! I'll try to be a faithful link-er. ;)

Karen said...

Thanks for stopping by!

The picture is a download from Death to the Stock Photo - one of my favorite blog resources.

Carol said...

I'm not keen on Agatha Christie but really enjoyed Secret Adversary. It's more suitable for a younger reader than her usual fare.

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