Saturday, August 9, 2014

Weekend Links - August 9, 2014

We had a great first week of school. Experiments were conducted, copywork completed, lessons heard, and lots of reading took place even though I had no voice for the first few days and never quite got it back as the week went on. I'm hoping it will be back to normal by next Monday.

On the agenda for today: a movie. And maybe a thrift store. In other words, a fabulous Saturday.

What's on your agenda today? Hope you have some time to squeeze in a few of these links:

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What caught your eye this week? If you have a links round-up post, please consider sharing it!
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Jessie Weaver said...

We listened to some of Harry Potter 7 on our trip home from Maryland yesterday and today, and I was surprised at how many of the words I've always pronounced wrong in my head (Doge & Nagini are the first to pop to mind). I was also surprised, though, that the narrator pronounced "schedule" in the American way. Maybe they thought we wouldn't know what it was if they said shed-ule?

Karen said...

I read a funny anecdote about "schedule" in one of my WW2 books: This British office was criticizing an American G.I. "Where did you Yanks learn to mispronounce 'schedule'?"

G.I. replies: "I learned it in sh-ool."

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