Thursday, August 14, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Organizing our Homeschool

Throwback Thursday is a chance to bring an old post to light.

This week: Our New School System from August 11, 2010.

What I Like About This Post: This method helped solve several of our homeschool problems. At the time workboxes were all the rage and I felt completely left out since we lived in a small house and didn't have the space for each child to have workboxes.

I shared the post because I hoped it would help other homeschool families think outside the box. (Um, that's a pun, I guess. Sorry.)

What I'd Change About it Now: Well, I'd title it differently. And I'd include affiliate links since that post has proven to be popular over the years and every little bit of Amazon Affiliate money helps. So I made those changes today to share this post again and update it for our Pinterest times. (So weird to think that we didn't have Pinterest in 2010!)

Here's the new graphic I made (this is also a link to the original post, if you'd like to click on over)
Now that we're settled in our new, larger house, we no longer use these folders in quite the same way, but it worked very well for several years. (To see our school set up now see: Living and Learning Together.)

If you have an older post you'd like to share, please leave a link in the comments. I'd love to give these older posts a new chance.


Amy said...

I like the independence with this system. Most of our work is computer based these days but still wondering how I might implement something similar.

Karen said...

Ooh, feel like explaining how that works? Do you have multiple computers? We have a desktop, one {old} laptop, and a Kindle Fire. And it feels like we are always negotiating whose turn it is on what device. (Particularly since Philip & I both need the computer for work.)

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