Monday, August 18, 2014

"Not" Back to School 2014: Meet The Students

We call our method of homeschooling, "Relaxed Classical". (See our curriculum here: Curriculum 2014-15) Now it's time to meet our "students":
This is "Polly".
  • Age: will be 13 in December
  • Grade level: mostly 8th grade 
  • Favorite Subject: History
  • Least Favorite Subject: Math
  • Mad Skills in: Reading
  • Looking forward to: Science studies and experiments
  • Strengths: strong independent learner, self-starter, good memory, management capability
  • Weaknesses: perfectionism, procrastination, still working on improving handwriting (has greatly improved since last year but wants to keep at it), bossiness
  • You can find her: reading a book, volunteering at the library, programming on a laptop, building elaborate Lego or Playmobil worlds, inventing board games
This is "Tigger"
  • Age: will be 10 in September
  • Grade level: mostly 5th grade
  • Favorite Subject: Science
  • Least Favorite Subject: Math
  • Mad skills in: Handwriting
  • Looking forward to: studying more Botany
  • Strengths: good memory, creative, imaginative writing, entertaining the little folks, keeping herself busy
  • Weaknesses: easily distracted, hates change, can't be hurried, stirs up her younger siblings, avoids chores
  • You can find her: writing a poem, reading aloud to her siblings, playing games with Sweet Pea, reading a book, inventing elaborate play scenarios
This is "Sweet Pea"
  • Age: 7
  • Grade level: Mostly 2nd 
  • Favorite Subject: Science
  • Least Favorite Subject: Math
  • Mad Skills in: Art
  • Looking forward to: starting Taekwondo
  • Strengths: creativity, peacemaking, generally cheerful, unique perspective on just about everything, 
  • Weaknesses: untidy, forgetful, constant movement, needs a sister or two to play
  • You can find her: drawing, painting, coloring, tracing, playing a game with Tigger, playing toys with Miss Lili, building elaborate Minecraft houses, playing outside
This is "Miss Lili"
  • Age: will be 4 in September
  • Grade level: preschool
  • Favorite Subject: coloring
  • Least Favorite Subject: not doing "school"
  • Mad Skills in: playing
  • Looking forward to: classes with other 4 year olds at co-op
  • Strengths: great memory, helpful, generally cheerful, inquisitive, playing alone, singing, computer skills
  • Weaknesses: bossiness, strong-willed, interrupting, leaves disasters and doesn't clean them up (without being warned and /or helped) 
  • You can find her: on the computer, singing and/or playing Frozen, playing toys in her room, bossing her sisters around, playing outside, working puzzles, asking questions, drawing on the white board
This is the "iBoy"
  • Age: will be 16 months old September 1.
  • Grade level: baby.
  • Favorite Subject: lunch.
  • Least Favorite Subject: naptime.
  • Mad Skills in: getting things out.
  • Looking forward to: chasing his sisters, once he really gets this walking thing figured out
  • Strengths: independent, curious, makes us laugh, fairly even-tempered, extreme adorability
  • Weaknesses: stubborn, tends to laziness, somewhat picky eater, doesn't say much yet
  • You can find him: taking books and toys off of shelves, exploring, chasing the cat, eating, getting into places and things where he doesn't belong, pulling up shirts so he can find people's bellies (this, to him, is hilarious), making people happy
Class pet:
Sammy Kitty
  • Age: unknown
  • Grade level: she does what she wants
  • Favorite Subject: recess
  • Least Favorite Subject: anything noisy
  • Mad Skills in: balancing on narrow things
  • Looking Forward to: the next time the family eats outside and the iBoy drops his food
  • Strengths: gentle with children, catching mice, hiding
  • Weaknesses: kind of obsessed with food, needs constant attention from any adult outside
  • You can find her: she finds you
Have you homeschooled multiple children at once? What are your best tips?
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Jessica N. said...

Beautiful family! Every three years a new blessing! Very cute

Amy Maze said...

I love this post! Great breakdown of all your kids...and even the class pet. So cute =) Looks like you've got a great bunch for this year!

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