Friday, August 29, 2014

Last Days of Summer, First Days of School: August Review

Oh, August, where did you go? We didn't have one unclaimed weekend in August, and that is crazy for this family of home bodies.

For a peek at what we got up to in August, read on:

Blog stuff. There are some changes ahead for my blog life. Hate to be cryptic, but as the old shows used to say, "stay tuned."
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I joined a group board this month. There are already a lot of great pins: Help for Homeschool Moms.

I've finished 7 books in August. Check back next Tuesday to see my complete list. My current stack can be seen here (although I've finished a book not in the stack and added two more since I posted this on Wednesday): Words on Wednesday, Perseverance and Hard Work.

I reviewed one book in August: A Spy Among Friends.

More Magnum (I know, I know. But it's fun.):

Several episodes of Poirot:

and one from the latest series, Dead Man's Folly. I think we watched one more but I can't remember the title. Favorite line from "The Clocks":
Girl: "What's your name?"
Poirot: "My name is Hercule Poirot."
Girl: "That's not a name, it's a noise."
One WW2 period TV movie:

(Disclaimer for this: it's gory. And there are a few scenes I had to fast forward for other reasons. But it was an interesting mystery set during the Blitz, so I enjoyed it over all. Just beware.)

While Philip was away at Gen Con, I finally got around to watching:

I don't know what took me so long. LOVED it. (Although, yes, it is incredibly long.) Now I've been comparing soundtracks (the movie vs. London cast vs. anniversary edition, etc.).

  • to the movies to see Guardians of the Galaxy. (My review: meh.) This was just Philip & me, I definitely wouldn't let our kids watch it.
  • to Gen Con to promote Philip's games (OK, I didn't actually go to Gen Con, but he did, and we picked him up there. See his latest Kickstarter here: Skyway Robbery.)
  • to the Indianapolis Children's Musem (overwhelming & crowded but it was worth it to see some of the Terra Cotta Warriors)
  • to a Kids fun day at the park given by our township (free food, free games, very hot)
  • to Shakespeare in the Park (we saw A Midsummer Night's Dream) = excellent
  • to the thrift store (3, maybe 4 times, but at least two of those times we didn't buy anything)
  • to homeschool co-op orientation. I basically need to be two places, on opposite sides of the building, at once. Not sure how that's going to work. But other than that, we're excited.
I remembered the baby we don't have on what should have been his birthday: Dear Isaiah, Life After Miscarriage.

I shared a lesson from our not-quite four year old: Chapter 3 is Better.

I put together a list of books about WW1:
I've already read a few more books I should add to the list, particularly for children. Guess I'll need to make a new list for that.

I talked about homeschooling - a lot:
I answered a question about homeschooling: How Long Does it Take to Homeschool?

Our own homeschool routine got off to a great start. Today marks 4 weeks finished. We may not have "typical" days, but a return to our routine felt good to all of us.

And I shared a fantastic new resource from my friend, Mystie: Learning to Love What Must Be Done.
Get organized. Stay organized.

Now we're looking forward to a long weekend and a chance to spend some time with family, and maybe get in a swim, before summer is completely over.

What kept you busy in August?
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You making the leap to "the other blogging platform?" I've got my other blog over there and I love it! It is so user-friendly. Now, if only I had more time to write more for that blog!

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