Thursday, August 21, 2014

"Chapter 3 is Better": Lessons Learned from Our 3 Year Old

Last Sunday night our pastor was away so we were listening to a different preacher. Miss Lili was sitting next to me and offered a few comments along the way.

One of the first, and the one that made me laugh went like this:

Preacher: Jesus is eternal because He is God and God is eternal.

But he was talking kind of fast and Lili didn't hear him clearly because she leaned over to me and whispered fiercely, "Jesus is NOT a turtle!"

Guess those Baptist catechism questions are starting to pay off: at the very least she knows that Jesus is not a turtle.

The second thing she said during the sermon was when the preacher mentioned something like, "Which you can see in Chapter 4."

My daughter leaned over to me and - completely seriously - said, "Chapter 3 is better."

I laughed, of course, because what did this not-quite-4-year-old know about the book of the Bible the preacher was talking about and what those chapters contained?


Yet she was perfectly willing to state her opinion that one chapter was better than another. It was a funny moment and it made me smile, but then it made me think.

How often do we adults think something like this? How willing are we to state an opinion - possibly educated, possibly as uninformed as my 3 year old's - as an absolute fact?

I don't really watch any TV news any more (I get most of my news online these days) and one of the reasons was it felt like every news announcer, no matter which station, was saying the equivalent of "Chapter 3 is better."

Opinion, when you know it's opinion, is one thing. But when it's being stated as fact, that can be dangerous. What if the person stating their opinion as fact is as clueless as my three year old?

Miss Lili will grow up. She won't remember this sermon or the funny thing she said that Sunday night. I hope she'll learn to keep her opinions in their proper place, since what is funny in a preschooler is less so in an adult. (Please understand, I am definitely not saying all opinions are bad. I have quite a few myself. It's just that they need to be in subjection to facts and evidence, and, as far as spiritual matters are concerned, in submission to the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the Bible.)

And I hope I keep listening to the lessons my children are teaching.

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Dawn said...

I miss having a 3 year old to share these quaint sweet moments with, I appreciate the clarity that they allow us to see through. It is refreshing and helps us to do just like Jesus said, come to God as little children being separated from the bias of worldly wisdom and bent towards God's Truth as our cornerstone for our assumptions.

dawn said...

I love three year old! They put things together and figure out their world in such fun ways. Thanks for sharing :)

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