Tuesday, July 22, 2014

What's So Special About Church Camp? Part 2

What's so great about church camp?

A - A chance to Achieve.

Our camp has memory work, team competitions, personal challenges, sports, swimming, bunk inspections, board games, and challenges that stretch your creative muscles (design a flag, make a poster for your team, make up a song about your team, etc.)

No child excels at everything we do. Some children will not be recognized as the fastest runner or the neatest bunk. Some will stare at a creative assignment with blank faces. Some will breeze through their memory work and others will struggle. Some will be constantly surrounded by a group of buddies and others will take longer to warm up. Some will quickly grasp the rules of a new game and others will need two (or three, or more...) explanations. Some will sing enthusiastically in choir or act their hearts out in drama. Some will wish they could do craft every night.

Some children will be staying away from home for the first time, proving to themselves (and their parents) that they can do it.

For the staff, it's a chance to push ourselves. Play more games of dodgeball than we have in an entire year. Swim more. Stay up later and get up earlier. Supervise more meals, patch up more scrapes, remind more children about sunscreen, sing longer and louder, answer hard questions, pray more.

This is why everyone goes home happy and exhausted. You've achieved something - you worked hard and if God blesses, then lives have been changed.

Part 1: Choose.

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