Saturday, July 26, 2014

Weekend Links - July 26, 2014

We've had a busy week at church camp, so not as many links for you today. Meanwhile, I've got to catch up on the laundry (SO MUCH LAUNDRY) and get our lives back on track so we can start strong on Monday.

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If you want to know why my family thinks church camp is so important - even though it's exhausting and disruptive to our family life while we get ready for it and recover from it - see this series of posts: What's So Special About Church Camp?

What caught your eye this week?

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Jessie Weaver said...

I liked that article about the names, I read it earlier this week. I don't know if I'm ready to name my next child Agnes, though. Ha. (Of course, my name is Jessica. Age: 28-35.)

Karen said...

I chose Agnes off that list because of Despicable Me. I wouldn't be surprised if Margot, Agnes & Edith all have a resurgence, just because of that movie.

And those charts are way off for me and my sister. We're Karen & Lisa but we're not 45 yet. ;)

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