Saturday, July 19, 2014

Weekend Links - July 19, 2014

We hit a few yard sales this morning (not too many, but I did find some things for our homeschool supplies - two USA puzzles, a Melissa & Doug magnetic calendar, a Think Fun chess game, & an anatomy coloring book, among a few other things). The big girls are off blueberry picking with their Gram, Philip & Miss Lili went to visitation, and I get to put this links post together in a quiet house while the iBoy takes his morning nap - what luxury.

Spiritual / Inner Life
Marriage / Parenting
  • Help Your Kids Say 'No' to Porn by Jen Wilkin at TGC. This is SO very important. We had this point driven home just this week. I followed a link on Pinterest and it ended up at a site that had been hacked. I saw things I would much rather not and things I DEFINITELY do not want my kids to see. It was a good reminder though: sin doesn't just sit around and wait for us. The devil is seeking to devour. Sin finds you, and you need to be prepared and your children need you to prepare them.
  • How Generous Are You, Really? by Lisa Byrne at The Art of Simple.
  • Jesus Centered Parenting in a Child Centered World an interview with J.D and Veronica Greear by Trevin Wax.
  • The Power of the Written Word by Angie Warren at The Art of Simple.
  • Four Ways Three Children are Better Than Two by Leslie Loftis for The Federalist. Great points in this post, although I have to admit the addition of our third child was kind of hard (suddenly kids outnumbered adults). What's strange is that adding our fourth and fifth didn't seem that difficult. We'd already crossed the line into "those people" and there was no looking back.
Education / Homeschooling
  • The Little Way to Success by Cindy at Ordo Amoris. Cindy is wise and her reminder is timely for those of us gearing up for another school year.
  • How Family Game Night Makes Kids Into Better Students by Jessica Lahey for The Atlantic. Philip has always suspected this. (Our kids, living with a game designer, don't just have "family game night." There's a game with dad nearly every night at our house, and that doesn't count the games they play during the day.)
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Jessie Weaver said...

The "given up on Mommy wars" thing when going to three kids made me giggle. I can't even remember whether I'm stay-at-home mom or working mom or what. I am just focused on keeping everyone alive. That's plenty of work. ;)

I hear you - I think if we had a #4, the actual impact on our family would not be that great. I am more worried about me being older, my body not doing so well with the pregnancy, and my own selfishness of not wanting to return to the baby arena ... We are still debating.

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