Friday, July 18, 2014

Favorite Pins Friday

Lots of great resources here, and unlike many of these lists only a few are Wordpress specific.

I don't think I'll ever get tired of books displayed on ledges.

Source: Apologia Physical Science lens on Squidoo.
We're using this textbook (and the notebook that goes with it) for my oldest daughter's science this year and this lens on Squidoo had a lot of resources I'd forgotten about.

Source: The Kitchn
I made polenta for the first time this week. I served it with chicken cacciatore (a family favorite) and it was a hit with most of my family. (I believe we had one holdout, which is pretty good in a family of 7.)

Source: unknown
You have to love homeschool humor, right?

I started a new board this week:
Follow Karen (Candid Diversions)'s board Homeschooling - Shakespeare on Pinterest.
We're excited about adding the "extras" back into our school this year, after years of having a new baby and moving (twice). Studying a play or two (or three) of Shakespeare is one of those things that just didn't happen when we were in "Do Math, History, and Grammar and call it good" mode.

What did you pin this week?

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