Friday, July 11, 2014

Favorite Pins Friday

Here are a few things that I saved on Pinterest this week:

Loved this post, for obvious reasons. But it also inspired me - on a day when my motivation to do, well, much of anything, really - to get up and try again.

We have several extremely dated ceiling fans in our house right now, and no funds, at the moment, to change them out. Then I saw these this week and thought, "We could try that." They couldn't possibly look worse than they already do, right?

We'll be using this curriculum (affiliate link):

and we've appreciated the books from Memoria Press for many years, but I also love this advice for working Latin in and making it fun.

Try not to drool on your keyboard...


Source: QS PRN
That's my perfectionistic INTJ motto, right there.

You can find these - and many more! - pins on Pinterest:
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