Monday, July 14, 2014

Cheap Notebooks, Nice Pens: A Writing Life

We have so many devices available today. In our - admittedly slow to adopt technology and constrained by a tight budget - family we have a desktop computer, a laptop, my Kindle Fire, and two smart-ish phones. There are so many ways to record our thoughts, activities, and any aspect of our lives we care to remember or share with hundreds of people we may or may not know.

But when I need to write, must write, have to write or I might burst from holding words inside, I always reach for paper and pen.

I'm not particular about the paper, a cheap notebook will do. (For this reason alone back-to-school sales are like early Christmas. Notebooks for $0.17? Yes, please, I'll have them ALL.)

I am choosy about the pen. I prefer Pilot G-2s (since my budget doesn't reach to the truly nice pens). These pens have smoothly flowing ink and fine points, but not too fine, since a scratchy pen is an abomination.

When words are simply demanding to be written, I'll use whatever is at hand (markers, sharpies, colored pencils, crayons in truly dire circumstances) but if I can choose, I take up a pen.

I guard them jealously. My daughters like to take them, using them for intricate pen drawings or cartoons drawn on pilfered printer paper. "Where's my pen?!" is a common cry around our home, since my husband is equally jealous over his pens.

Why do I write when I may never be known for it or receive any acclaim for it? Why take up the carefully hidden pen and reach for paper again and again? Because I must.

The notebook page is blank. I take my perfect pen - not too heavy, not too plastic, just the write amount of ink - and the words come down with the ink, flowing from a part of my brain I don't even have to think about accessing. It's like a magic agreement between the one true Creator God, my empty paper, my rushing pen, and my brain that must spill out words in order to exist.

I may not ever be a published Author. I may never make any money from the scribblings in my notebooks. Or maybe I will, who can say? But it doesn't really matter anyway. A Writer is someone who wrote today.

And my pen is ready.

picture source: Pixabay

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MacKenzie said...

Just wanted to say I tried your pen recommendations and am quite pleased with the results. I haven't had to buy pens for a long time because back in my working days, I got a handful pretty much weekly from lab supply companies wanted to sell to me. But now Lucy likes using pens so they disappear really fast. I think I'll have to hide these.

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