Monday, July 28, 2014

Book Review: The Good News About Marriage

We've all seen the statistics: marriages just don't last. 50% end in divorce. Christians divorce at the same rate as the rest of culture. Second (or third) marriages are doomed from the start.

But what if those things just aren't true? Would it change how we talk about marriage? How we think about marriage?

It should.

Shaunti Feldhahn doesn't write about what she wishes were true: she does the research (and examines research done by others). She crunches numbers (and I'm thankful that there's someone out there willing to do that. All the numbers tend to make my eyes glaze over). She analyzes the evidence and reports what she's found.

You can probably tell from the title, the evidence simply does not support the awful headlines. Here's what Feldhahn discovered (spoiler alert!):
  • The actual divorce rate has never gotten close to 50 percent.
  • Those who attend church regularly have a significantly lower divorce rate than those who don't.
  • Most marriages are happy.
  • Simple changes make a big difference in most marriage problems.
  • Most remarriages succeed.
You'll need to read the book to see her evidence and whether you find her arguments persuasive. 

I did. Marriage is definitely a challenge in today's world. But let's not make it harder than it has to be. Let's find out how to encourage each other in our marriages and how to speak hope instead of negative inevitability. 

This book can help with that.

I do recommend reading this one in context with her previous book,The Surprising Secrets of Highly Happy Marriages: The Little Things That Make a Big Differencesince they are related and it will help you make sense of this second book.

Neither book takes long to read and my husband and I have enjoyed discussing them. (Yes, these are books about marriage that a husband can enjoy too.)

Want to know more?
You can find Shaunti Feldhahn at her website: Shaunti.
On Facebook: Shaunti Feldhahn.
Or on Twitter: Shaunti Feldhahn.
To find out more about this book, or to order a copy: The Good News About Marriage.
I received this book for free from Blogging for Books for this review.

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