Saturday, June 21, 2014

Weekend Links - June 21, 2014

We've had a fabulous couple of days celebrating our anniversary. This morning we reunited with our kids (that's the first time we've left the iBoy for that long) and now we're almost ready to make the trek home to get started on whatever the next 15 years holds.

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Gram said...

Let's list them, shall we? These are the things on the 33 Childhood Toys . . . list that at least one of you owned at sometime in your childhood years. Yes, I mean the childhood years that span all the way from yours through your brother's childhood.

1. Original Gameboy - given to either The Princess or The Bear from someone who got a new Gameboy Color when those first came out. Obviously, ours wasn't even new when they got it so it probably wouldn't be worth much now. I don't think we still have it.
2. Polly Pocket - Oh, yes, she owns them. I have them. Who will sell them? :) P.S. I think the selling price is an exaggeration. I checked ebay. Someone overpriced their item. Notice there are no buyers.
10. I just put the Pokemon cards on the shelf the other day. Think I'll get that box down and see if this card is in there. (Might check the other card game The Bear played also to see if there is anything of interest.
12. Tamagotchis - I remember the timer going off in church one time. I think it was banned from church-going from then on: "But Mom! I need to ___________ at _________ o'clock or it will die!"
15. Light Brite - someone had one. The pieces are almost as lethal to step on in the dark as Barbie shoes or Lego bricks because they break into little plastic shards.
21. Transformers Optimus Prime Action Figure - Yes, The Bear had one. I had the strongest feeling of deja vu while shopping for Fen's birthday gift a couple of weeks ago. (I should have just kept all The Bear's toys and recycled them: Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Transformers, etc. etc. etc.
27. Easy Bake Oven - Hmm. "Someone's getting a microwave!" ;) I also remember buying one for Polly and Tigger.
29. Teddy Ruxpin - Yup! It was yours.
32. Pound Puppy - Lisa's, perhaps? It would explain a lot, I think. ;)
33. Beanie Babies - Worthless. The Princess and The Bear each had a ton of them. Fortunately, they played with theirs instead of expecting them to pay their way through college.

Karen said...

Wonder if Grandma still has that little black & white pound puppy?

Teddy Ruxpin was a great gift. I still remember how thrilled we were to get him.

I never had a Lite Brite but I played with Philip's (or Stephen's?) Who knew that plugging little light bulbs into black paper could be so fun? How DO they come up with this stuff?!

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