Monday, June 30, 2014

June in Review

  • Birthdays in June: 5
  • Parties: 4 (including a big open house for our new home, Father's Day, a graduation party, & a double birthday party)
  • Library book sale: 1. Spent $20 and filled our bags to bursting (literally, not figuratively) with books, CDs, and audio books.
  • Family Reunions: 1
  • Reunion with TN friends, without children (miracle): 1. So nice to spend time with friends whose relationship with us has lasted over the years.
  • Visit with IN friends, including children: 1. Philip preached for a friend, told about our camp program, and then there was an epic dodgeball game, of which I did not take part, not least because I spent the entire time trying to keep the iBoy from taking part, eating rocks, crawling into the road, etc. 
  • Weeks of VBS: 1. Those 5 days are long and packed, though. The kids also got to go to VBS with their other grandparents and their Kentucky cousins for 2 days. They had a blast, of course.
  • Anniversary: 15 Years of Marriage. They've been good years and I still love that boy.
  • Number of large cups of coffee on Friday of our quick anniversary trip to Nashville: 3+. 
  • Items that broke down: 1 van (now on its last miles but we haven't purchased a new to us vehicle yet. Think we're running on prayers at this point), 1 washing machine (Temporarily. It's working again now.), desktop computer hard drive (caput, but our friend was able to recover most of our files, pictures, etc.), 2 blenders (yes, not one, but two!)
  • Items on my library card: 45.
  • Items on Philip's library card: 45. That's so weird that we have the same number of things. He usually has more (we use his for the girls' school stuff) but we've been taking those back to get ready for a new school year. 
  • Number of hair things Sweet Pea put in her hair one night (see above pictures): I didn't count but you sure couldn't see much of her hair
  • Number of pictures taken: can't check this because our files are jumbled right now but I'm guessing around 500

Watching: Endeavor (the Morse prequel series), Silk (a British series), Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries (Australian series), Monuments Men (my verdict: not as good as the book) and a movie about a time traveling man who finds true love (probably not the one you're thinking of though the same girl stars in both).

Books published in 2014 finished in June:
Verdict: quite good, maybe better than the first. Warnings: rough language, very graphic murder
Verdict: well written and made me curious to know more about these people, but what I really wanted to do was give all those childish Americans in Paris in the 1920's a hearty slap on the face and telling-off. GROW UP ALREADY. What a bunch of spoiled brats. [/rant]

Books reviewed in June: How to Teach Your Children Shakespeare by Ken Ludwig.

Books read in June: at least 14. Check back later this week for the complete list.

Blog posts in June: 24 (including this one)
My favorite posts this month:
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What did you do in June?

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