Monday, June 23, 2014

INTJ Life: Knowledge Collecting

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Deb said...

We are the same person. Although I don't mind being labeled a Mastermind. I do a mad scientist cackle in my head whenever I hear that word. I also want to know everything. I can't tell you how many times I've been in what I think is a lovely conversation, and the other person says out of the clear blue sky, exasperated, "DEB, I don't KNOW! Stop with the questions!"

I do not generally have paper lists, but I do have an excel spreadsheet for everything. Every. Thing. Not kidding. I can't slow my brain down until I know my thought or idea is somewhere safe.

Karen said...

I'd be like that with Excel but I think better with an ink pen in my hand.

And we are so, obviously, the same person. An awesome, awesome person.

mx2fitness said...

Great post! Knowledge collector--love that title! I feel the "Mastermind" title sounds a bit sinister to the extroverted sensing types I have to share my life with (at times I think they really feel I am plotting to take over the world). And yes, the notebook thing can be a problem at times, which is why I adore Pinterest, especially the private board function! Thanks for sharing, it's always reassuring to know there are Knowledge collectors out there!

mx2fitness said...

Great post! Knowledge collector--I love that title! I feel at times the "Mastermind" title sounds a bit sinister to the extroverted sensing types I share my life with (there are days when I think they really do feel I am trying to take over the world). Thanks for sharing, it is reassuring to know there are other Knowledge collectors out there!

victorreya said...

I always called myself an info-junkie; knowledge collector sounds much nicer. Your list is spot-on. I like your insight on why you collect ticket stubs etc. I do the same thing and it drives my husband nuts--but it is just a way of systematizing memories. I can't keep them all in my head--there's too much other stuff going on there.

Kristina said...

My husband calls me his filling cabinet. :D I could have written this post about myself.

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