Tuesday, June 10, 2014

5 Reasons I Love Peace Hill Press

We use books from Peace Hill Press for these subjects:
  • Phonics instruction: The Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading
  • Writing instruction: Writing with Ease and Writing with Skill
  • Grammar: First Language Lessons
  • History: The Story of the World
We've used the History, Grammar, and Phonics books throughout our homeschool years, starting with our oldest. This year we added the writing curriculum after trying other things that just weren't working.

Now, this is not a sponsored post or an affiliate post. I'm not affiliated with Peace Hill Press in any way. But I love these books and here are a few reasons why:

1. Many of the books are designed for multiple uses. Homeschool families are allowed to copy the activity pages for their students. Non-consumable means not having to buy new workbooks for each child. Saving money makes me happy. (The Grammar books are an exception to this. The teacher's guide can be used over again but you will need to purchase new student books for each child.)

They also facilitate use by multiple ages at once. We do History together, but my oldest has extra reading, assignments, & so on in order to go deeper into the material, while my younger students focus on the chapter, map work, & coloring pages. I had three school age students this year, ranging from seventh grade work to first grade. Anything where we could work together was a time saver for me.

2. The quality is excellent. These are not photo-copied in someone's basement workshop. We've used the History books for nearly two complete four year cycles now. They are holding up well despite enthusiastic use by my History loving students. There are also online resources and special things that can be added on. (We particularly enjoy The Story of the World cds as read by Jim Weiss.)

3. These follow the classical model, as laid out by Susan Wise Bauer in her book The Well Trained Mind. This method just makes sense to me. Four year cycles to get through all of History may sound daunting but The Story of the World makes it possible.

4. If you follow PHP on Facebook, you get information about upcoming products or seminars and a good dose of humor. I'm not sure who does their social media, but he or she has a well developed sense of humor. And who couldn't use a little more fun in their homeschool day, right?

5. Susan Wise Bauer is brilliant. Do I agree with her on every subject? No, of course not. I suspect particularly on matters of faith, we might have to agree to disagree. But on education, writing, preparing a student for college, and so on, I enjoy learning from her experience. She is a fantastic communicator.

You can find more of my favorite homeschool books in my Amazon store (this is an affiliate link, see Disclosure page for more about this).

Do you have a favorite curriculum? What do you love about it?
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Diane Knecht said...

We love Story of the World but aged out of it before we could finish it. I just recently purchased from a used book sale Book 3 and 4 along with the workbook and the activity book. Hoping one day I will be able to use it with someone.

Paige said...

We love Peace Hill Press too, for many of the same reasons :-).

Karen said...

I feel like the activity books are really one of the strengths of the program. The recommended reading lists to go along with each chapter are fantastic.

Thanks for stopping by!

Karen said...

Glad to meet another fan - thanks for stopping by!

Amy Maze said...

I'm glad that you have found some resources that work well for your family! I'm not sure why, but I've never used any of those that you listed. Probably because the WTM wasn't my first exposure to the classical model so I had my eye on other things already. Thanks for the recommendations, though! I'll keep them in mind if I ever feel like a change!

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