Thursday, May 1, 2014

The iBoy's First Year

So, today is this:
Otherwise known as "the fastest year of my life" because it feels like it went by in about the time it took me to make this collage:
Which is to say, a few seconds.

This boy. What can I tell you about him?

He's sweet natured and even tempered and hilarious. He loves his mama, his daddy, his sisters, his fans (family & friends alike. He has quite the following), his kitty, bath time, and his food - my word does this boy love his food (and yes, he's still nursing around the clock too).

He explores and investigates. He crawls and climbs (no walking unassisted yet). He eats anything he can get his hands on, even though he still only has two teeth.

He enjoys music and listening to stories (even more if he can chew on the pages) and going for a ride in the wagon and standing at the windows to watch what's going on outside.

He isn't a big fan of picture time:
So we get a lot of pictures like this:
He may be made of "snips and snails and puppy dog tails" but he's also made of slobbery kisses, belly laughs, a wry grin, a healthy dose of curiosity, a smidge of stubborness and a coating of perfect.

I think we'll keep him.
Happy Birthday, Sweet Boy. Let's slow down for the next 12 months, OK?

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