Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Classical Preschooler - Notes from the GHC

The first session I attended at the GHC was: The Classical Preschooler, From Wonder to Wisdom presented by Lesli Richards.

When I decided to attend this session, I didn't remember that I had read this speaker's book just about a year ago. I just needed the kick start because my littles can sometimes get lost in the shuffle of "doing school" with the older girls.

Once again, there were some great reminders:

  • cultivate wonder (in yourself & in your children)
  • go outside as much as possible
  • present lovely music and art, not in a heavy-handed way, but naturally and because you value it
  • buy quality art supplies (the cheap things are frustrating)
  • watch yard sales for things like binoculars and magnifying glasses
  • read, read, read
It's so important to be reminded that we shouldn't rush our little ones. When we're on a walk and they want to look at every earthworm and every dandelion, or pick up every interesting rock they find, that's activity that should be encouraged, not sighed over.

Lesli Richards uses Classical Conversations with her kids, a program I'm familiar with but do not use. She had an interesting chart (I think it came from CC but I'm not sure and I haven't found it on the 'net) showing a child's progression from Wonder to Wisdom. I'd love to find a copy of that for my own files. Anyone know what I'm talking about?

I had to take the iBoy out (I guess he was finished listening) and walk the hall for the rest of the session but everything I'd heard to that point was encouraging. I also happened to meet up with one of my husband's cousins (had no idea she'd be at the convention).

Good things happen at the homeschool convention, you just have to keep your eyes and ears open!

Recommended Reading from this session:

(Let me echo this recommendation. It is such an important book - every parent, homeschooler or not, should read it.)

You can find Lesli Richards here: The Homegrown Preschooler and she has some great boards on Pinterest, too.

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Amy Maze said...

I missed this session, but I'm glad it was good! I did a series called The Classical Preschool a while ago and I was curious to see if she would say similar things as I did :) We picked up The Liberal Arts Tradition at the convention and we will be reading some Charlotte Mason material for the book club on my blog starting next month. So many good books to read!

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