Friday, May 16, 2014

1 Easy Way to Get Your Kids to Drink More Water this Summer

Last summer we were living in a rental house with no dishwasher. For a family of seven, the lack of a dishwasher was almost as bad as the lack of a washer and dryer (a post for another day!).

My children are good about drinking water, but they're not so great about keeping track of who was using which cup. Washing all the cups every day was not a great plan for any of us, considering none of us particularly enjoyed washing dishes.

I found the answer at Hobby Lobby:
they had the cutest little water bottles in four colors, which worked out well for us since we have four girls (the little guy was just a baby, too young for his own water bottle).

This solved several problems:
  • encouraging the kids to drink a lot of water during the hot summer days
  • keeping track of which cup belonged to which child
  • fewer spills 
We wash them when they need it or at the end of the week. They are only used for water so they are rarely sticky or gross. The kids are allowed to take them outside, but they usually just keep them in the fridge to stay cold.

When I bought ours they were on sale and I paid $0.60 each. $2.40 for peace of mind and fewer dishes is money well spent and we still have them this summer.

And yes, they could be further customized or decorated. If you're wondering why I haven't, let me just plead the excuse: I have five children. The only problem now is the iBoy (1 year old) wants one too.

How do you get your kids to drink more water? Do you have a favorite way of keeping track of cups?
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Amy said...

Yes! I just bought four matching (different colored) bottles a couple of weeks ago for all those same reasons! (And boy oh boy could I go on about life without a dishwasher...)

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