Thursday, April 17, 2014

Throwback Thursday: 6 Simple Tips for Traveling with Kids

Throwback Thursday is a weekly series where I resurrect an old post.

This week: 6 Simple Tips for Traveling with Kids from August 10, 2007.

What I like about it: the tips are still practical and it's fun to read about when Tigger was almost, but not quite, potty trained (fun now, not then) and Sweet Pea was the baby we had to stop and nurse.

What I'd Change Now: definitely add a picture or two. (I've added a quick graphic now, just because.) And I wouldn't change the font. I used to do that a lot. Guess I hadn't settled into my default font yet.

How about you? Got a post older than a year old that you'd like to bring back? Please share in the comments!

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