Saturday, March 22, 2014

Weekend Links - March 22, 2014

Ugh. So far this Saturday is not going my way. Maybe it will improve now that I can actually sit down and share some links with you.

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  • 11 French Travel Trips for Visiting America from Mental Floss."It is mandatory to have a smile or a little 'how cute' tilt to your head if you come across a child or pet. Even if they are ugly."
  • 23 Mind Blowing Facts from Distractify.  (OK, didn't agree with #19 or #22 but "21 Mind Blowing Facts about Time" is still pretty good.)
Just one more thing: my daughter's Kickstarter is ending in less than 3 days. She still needs to raise $959 (that's around 28 more backers) to make her board game a reality. Can you check it out? And help spread the word here in the last couple of days? Thanks so much! Here's where you can find out more: Tiger Stripes by Game Salute.

So, what caught your eye this week?
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Lyli @3-D Lessons for Life said...

Thanks for sharing these awesome posts. I am off to explore... :)

VanderbiltWife said...

I appreciate the article about walking your blog path! And I used to work with Philip Nation (like literally, his office was catty-corner to mine) so I had to go read his post. Man it had some harsh comments.

Karen said...

Definitely some harshness in that one.

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