Monday, March 31, 2014

The Joy of Opening Day

Today is Opening Day in baseball world.

And despite cartoons like this:
We can still be friends if you had no idea and couldn't care less.

Not everyone is a baseball fan and that's OK. (The fact that everyone is not a Reds fan is a problem, but we'll deal with that another time.)
So, you're one of those "Opening Day for what?" people and you want to know why we care? Glad you asked:
1. Opening Day is a new start. No matter what your team did last year, on Opening Day you're undefeated.

2. Opening Day is a reminder of why you like the game. The energy is positive. The fans are happy. No one (well, almost no one) is complaining about the umps, the manager, the pitching staff, or that guy that should have stolen second.

3. Opening Day is a leveler. Even if your team won the world series last year, they have to start again this year.
 Now forgive me for getting all introspective on life, but there's a reason sports metaphors are so popular. (Don't worry, there won't be any math or sports trivia on this section of the quiz.)

Maybe last season in your life was rough. Maybe you struck out more than you connected. Maybe you warmed the bench, never quite figuring out your place. Maybe a teammate had more success than you, more accolades than you, or even just more fun playing the game.
This is why we have Opening Day. Last season, for better or worse, is in the record books. Spring Training is over and done. No more practice, no more hypotheticals. Now is the time. This is a new season and you can try again. Get off the bench. Aim for the thing you missed last year. Work harder. Enjoy it.
As long as you are on this earth, God is giving you a new season. The thing about life is, even if you messed up yesterday, you can try again today. You can declare, "Opening Day. Starting now."

Today is your Opening Day. Greet it with joy.
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