Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Earn Your Stripes (And My Appreciation)

Let me tell you a story:

Once upon a time (good stories usually start that way, right?), a little girl played board games with her dad. She watched him design new games. She went to game conventions with him. (Did you know there are such things?)

One day, without prompting from her parents, she announced, "I made a game."

It looked like this:
The game was about a tiger with no stripes trying to earn stripes by eating food. The tiger also wanted to collect jewels, because, duh. Everyone would love to collect jewels.

Her game designing daddy helped her refine her game. He helped her create new boards and packaging.

Then the game looked like this:
Her parents told her they would help her print this game for people to buy, but she had to pay for it herself. So, she dipped into her savings and paid for a print run and for the boxes to ship the game.

Then it looked like this:
She sold enough to family and friends to actually break even and make a small profit.

Then, over a year (and maybe more like 2) later, her game designing dad showed her game to a  company that had picked up some of his games for production.

They liked it. They agreed to develop it a bit more and then offer it for sale, as the girl said, "For really real."

Now, three years after the first little hand drawn tigers and handwritten rules, the game looks like this:
It's still the same (slightly improved but not significantly changed) game, but seriously, how cute is that?!

So exciting!

Here's where you come in: the game is being introduced on Kickstarter. Kickstarter is a crowd-funding site where people pre-order a project, providing the money for the project to happen. If the campaign is successful, you get your product once it's produced. If the campaign isn't successful, you don't lose any money.

We would really love to see her game succeed. My game designing husband tells me that most successful Kickstarters are funded within the first 24 hours. We've missed that window. Now we need your help to be the exception to that rule. This campaign is running through March 25, so there's still plenty of time to spread the word.

Could you please, pretty please, share this with your friends? A pledge of $35 - in the US - gets you your very own copy of Tiger Stripes. (OK, starting to feel like PBS or NPR here. Sorry, no tote bags currently available.)

Yeah, I know, $35 is kind of steep for a kids' game. But that price includes shipping. Game Salute is promising delivery by February 2015. I know that seems like a long time, but they hope it will be out sooner, they just don't want to make a delivery promise they can't keep. The nice thing about birthdays and Christmas is they roll around each year. Order now and have your birthday presents for 2015 already covered. (How organized of you!)

So that's the story. You can help it have a happy ending by sharing this post (or a link to the Kickstarter campaign) with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or whatever social media you prefer, and it would be really great if you could order a copy for your family's game stash. It would make a 12 year old girl I know really happy.
Want to know more about my game designing family?
You can find my husband's game page here: Phantasio Games.
And his Facebook page here: Phantasio Games.
Don't forget, the Kickstarter for Tiger Stripes is here:

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