Saturday, February 15, 2014

Weekend Links - February 15, 2014

Links day! I can't believe I missed last week. Except for I can totally believe it because we were getting completely moved out of the rental and dragging the last few loads of stuff (from there, we still have STUFF in Philip's church office and my parents' garage) to our new house.

The days, they aren't long enough for our to-do lists. And they're also way too filled with snow and ice. That's all without mentioning the things that have broken since we moved (extra stove, TV, microwave...home ownership is great fun, except when it's not) and the fact that we still don't have a couch for our main living room.

But, enough of all that. Here I am, at my new house, with our new internet service and I do have a few links for you, so let's get to 'em.

Spiritual / Inner Life
Marriage / Parenting
Myth Busting
  • Fact Checker: Super Bowl S** Trafficking and Other Myths by Joe Carter. Exaggeration leads to trivialization of a truly horrific evil. Don't fall for the easily written, but ultimately trivializing, headlines.
  • Great Lakes Ice Cover Spreading Rapidly by Mark Toregrossa. But, I thought "global warming' (yes, I use quotation marks advisedly) meant this would "never" happen again? Tell that to Lake Erie (94% ice cover!).
  • Atlantic: We May Run Out of Winter For the Winter Olympics - fact checking by Ed Morrissey at Hot Air. Turns out, not so much, if the IOC would choose actual cold weather venues. I'll admit: I had no idea where Sochi was in Russia until I looked it up on a map. Kind of makes you wonder if the IOC is corrupt. *cough*
  • Hermione Should Have Married Harry, Rowling Admits. I KNEW IT. Ron Weasley should have died in some noble, sacrificial way for his friends, in order to redeem his character. (He's primarily annoying, and only around to swear and use British slang. Ugh. GO AWAY WEASLEYS. Not that I care. Much.)Just goes to show you that an author can get too attached to the way she first envisioned a story, instead of letting the characters dictate their own fates.
That's it for this week. What caught your eye?

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VanderbiltWife said...

Oh yes, I have seen all the JTT movies on that last list. You know I had to keep up if I was going to marry him. ;) One of my friends from college's boyfriends lived in his dorm at Harvard. So, it totally could've happened.

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