Saturday, January 25, 2014

Weekend Links - January 25, 2014

We should be working on the house right now. We should be moving more stuff in. But we are not because COLD, ICE, & SNOW are our lives right now. Hoping for the snow plows to come through soon so we can at least do some work today.

Meanwhile, here are some links for you.

Spiritual / Sanctity of Life
Marriage / Parenting
For Fun
  • Homeschool Barbie from Bubblews. I actually laughed out loud while reading this (and there may have been some hot tea spewing. I'll never tell).
  • Is a Lot of Scientific Research Just... from Hot Air. Not a humor post, but it is pointing out the absurdity of much of what passes for "Science" these days.
  • 2014 Is The Year of The Viral Debunk from Buzzfeed. Not unrelated to the above post. I saw that "ghost ship" headline on Yahoo earlier this week. C'mon, Yahoo. Lame.
  • The Definitive Ranking of London Tube Lines from Buzzfeed. In related news: I went to London almost five years ago and I thoroughly enjoyed it, including riding most of these lines. Some are quite a bit better than others. I wish we could go back this year. We were going to, but then we bought a house. (Goodbye, pennies saved through meticulous saving! You look more like tile floors and tub surround than tickets to London.) I miss London. I miss anywhere that has ever been warmer than right here, right now.
  • Look-Alike College Friends Discover They are Sisters. (Auto-play video warning) Once you get past the "Ew" factor (and the Brave New World we're living in as far as making babies and giving birth is concerned) this sounds like the true life update of one of my favorite childhood movies. Hayley Mills, call your agent (she can be the grandma or something in the new movie they should make with this story).
That's it for this week. What caught your eye?
And if you have a second or two, please pray for Sun and Higher Than Freezing temps!

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Kelly said...

I've never cringed harder at any blog post title than I cringed when I read "If I Can't Accept You At Your Worst, Then Maybe You Should Stop Being So Horrible" because I was afraid it was about Jesus and wanted to shout THE GOSPEL IS THAT JESUS ACCEPTED YOU AT YOUR WORST, NOT THAT YOU "ACCEPTED" JESUS. Crisis avoided. Phew!

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