Friday, January 24, 2014

Checking In - Birthdays, House, and So Cold

First, and most importantly, Happy Birthday to my favorite person on the planet. The day you were born was a very good day, even if I'm not actually old enough to remember it.

Second, we're still working on the house. We have a week to move out of the rental and in to the new house. I'm thinking it's not going to happen and we're going to have to pay rent and a mortgage in February.

Third, we're still working on the house. Wait, you say, you already mentioned that. Well. It's a huge factor in our non-lives right now. Seriously. Nothing else is getting done. We've sent two children to stay with grandparents and still nothing is getting done. The house is destroyed. The rental isn't packed up. Schoolwork is a joke. We're eating take-out and scrounged up meals. I have food in the pantry but no time to cook here at the rental and no kitchen to cook in at the new house.

Renovation is hard enough without temperatures that my youngest sister has been known to call, "negative cold". You guys: the cold is just ridiculous. The snow, the ice, they are annoying. But the cold is just stupid cold. (Sorry for the extreme language.)

And everyone in the family seems to be sick with some minor cold / congestion / mild sore throat / mild fever kind of thing. Never all at once and it doesn't seem to be debilitating but it is a factor. That and the fact that iBoy is still not a fan of real food and must be going through a growth spurt because he wants to nurse ALL THE TIME mean we are not getting a lot of sleep these days.

That candle at the top of this post is the only birthday candle my darling husband is likely to get. There is no cake. There will not be a cake. "The cake is a lie." (little shout out to one of my husband's favorite games)

Meanwhile, people we know and care about are struggling with real things, serious things like Cancer and grief and uncertainty. It feels ridiculous to complain about the weather or paying a month's rent when you know there are things that are much Bigger to face.

Prayers. For you, for them, for anyone facing this awful winter. For me. Please?

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