Saturday, December 21, 2013

Weekend Links - December 21, 2013

Yesterday was our oldest's 12th birthday. We thought planning and hosting a birthday party would be a bit too complicated this year with our house situation (and not to mention CHRISTMAS, which always complicates her birthday). So we let her have her best friend sleepover and we all went to our zoo for the Festival of Lights, then out for Orange Leaf frozen yogurt (at 10 PM!). This morning the girls are watching movies, painting their nails and preparing for our big trip to the mall where The Birthday Girl will get her ears pierced.

All in all, a party would probably have been less complicated. But the Birthday Girl is happy and we've had fun and that's what counts.

Other than some stocking stuffers, all our Christmas shopping is done, so bring on the big day!

On the links -

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Enough of all that, here's a video of the Hunt Sisters singing Silent Night (love this group!):

So, what caught your eye this week? Are you ready for Christmas?
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