Saturday, November 30, 2013

Weekend Links - November 30, 2013

Tomorrow is December, y'all. (I'm in Tennessee right now. I can say y'all)

As my nephew Fen likes to sing, "dun, dun, DUN". (A trick he learned from the movie The Croods)

Well, anyway, consider yourself warned.

The holiday means I've been a little out of pocket this week so there aren't as many links. But I still want to share those things that caught my eye before all the traveling, eating, & visiting started.

Marriage / Parenting
Homeschooling / Education
Everything Else
Like I said, a little light on the links this week. Hope to be back next week with more but in the meantime, Happy Holidays! (Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Advent starts tomorrow...)
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Gram said...

If Polly and Tigger are the same kind of lefties as their Gram the ball glove and the scissors won't be an issue. I'm the "Adam Dunn" kind of lefty that bats left handed but throws a baseball with my right hand. I use regular scissors, too.

As for the desks, notebooks, etc. you've got much of it covered with homeschooling.

The point I hate the most is that one about dying 9 years earlier than others on average. Made me think of my sweet cousin who was the same kind of lefty that I am and who left us much too young. At least 9 years too soon. ;(

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