Friday, November 1, 2013

Six Months

Picture heavy post ahead!
 Six months. Six months? Six months as in half a year, half way to First Birthday, that six months?

Oh, the things he can do. Things like roll over. Watch your step 'cause he likes to be under foot.

He's still not eating anything other than the good stuff Mom makes. He's a fan of that. We've started putting him in highchairs just so he can watch us eat. He likes the high chair but he's not really interested in food yet. Except for a pretzel he snatched out his dad's hand. Now that he was interested in.
You have to watch what you play on the floor now because he will get it and put it in his mouth. And, because of his amazing rolling skills (no crawling yet, although he gets up on his hands and knees and rocks back and forth like he's trying to figure it out), you may think your little Barbie or Playmobil kingdom is safe but he comes out of no where.

He's kind of like a friendly little shark, I guess. A shark with no teeth.
Where he sleeps: on his quilt, in his bassinet and with Mom. He can no longer sleep in his car seat because he scoots out of it. As in, all the way out. And then he rolls away.
He hasn't had his 6 month check up yet but I can tell you he's bigger than his sisters were at this age. Carrying him in his carseat is my exercise of choice these days. He wears 6-9 month clothes although even some of those are getting tight.
He laughs and smiles and gurgles and drools. He blows copious amounts of spit bubbles because that's a fabulous trick, I think we can all agree.
He makes friends wherever he goes. He went to his first Children's Theatre play this month and when we were eating our post-play meal across the street at Skyline he charmed a waitress and she carried him around the restaurant introducing him to everyone.
He sits up. He reads his favorite book. OK, I made up the part about reading but that is his favorite book (it makes a crinkling sound and it has tails to grab). He even sleeps with it (see above pictures for proof). He plays with toys, if you stretch the definition of "play" to mean chew on extensively and then examine closely.
He tolerates us dressing him up, even when it involves Mom putting lipstick on his nose and eye-liner whiskers on his cheeks. He rarely cries, using it only to get his most serious points across. He doesn't babble much but he squeals and laughs.
In short, he is every kind of perfect and I am still thoroughly besotted. His fan club is extensive but I'm the President.

Happy Six Months, iBoy. How about we slow down for the next six, OK?


Lisa said...

Oh, I love all the pictures! Some of his facial expressions look a lot like Ingrids. What a cutie!

Elisabeth said...

He is adorable!

Anonymous said...

This little guy is simply adorable! Love love the smile. His Auntie Carolyn

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