Monday, November 18, 2013

Misc. Monday

Monday, Monday.

Confession: I actually kind of like Mondays. Back to routine. Back to real life. ("Back" from what, I don't know exactly. I do know that Sundays are kind of wearying to a church staff family.)

Bits of Monday for you:

1. Our power was out last night. We're thankful it wasn't worse for us and praying for anyone who had a harder time in the storms that swept through. We were blissfully ignorant of how serious the storms were in certain places.
2. A candlelit house is a pretty nice way to relax on a Sunday evening, when it's not too cold outside. Not being able to feed hungry children who have been at church for the past two hours is not as nice. (Hooray for kids eat free coupons!) If I could have just checked my email and Facebook, I wouldn't have missed power at all. (Unlike Miss Lili who was dismayed at how capricious a power outage can be. No CD player? No nightlight? Oh, the humanity!)

3. You probably want to read this interesting article about Chanukah and Thanksgiving. Kind of makes me wish we observed both.
4. iBoy is, as ever, adorable. And incredibly patient with his sisters who do things like, make him paper crowns to wear (above) or stuff him into baby doll strollers (below). Those of you inclined to worry, fear not. I removed him from this contraption before anyone could push him anywhere (but not, obviously, before I got the camera out).
5. Reflecting on how cute her brother was also led to this conversation between Polly and me:
Her: "He's just so cute. I hate to think about how many girls are going to be hanging around him when he's older."
Me: "That's how I felt about my baby brother too."
Her: "I guess you're not worried about that any more, huh?"
(Now, The Bear is quite grown up and I am not probably supposed to talk about him here any more but let's just say, yes, I am still concerned about this, though he does not, to my knowledge, currently have a Significant Other.)
Me: "I guess I'm not too worried about it, but why would you say that?"
Her: "Well, he's not much of a conversationalist."
Me: "Do you think that's important?"
Her: "It's what I'm looking for: I'm a talker and the guy I marry will have to talk too. Looks aren't enough."

Good to know. I need only watch out for those handsome boys that seem chatty, I guess. That should narrow it down considerably.

What's going on in your world this lovely Monday?
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bookmammalmusings said...

"I need only watch out for those handsome boys that seem chatty, I guess."
This made me laugh out loud! What a great conversation--thanks for sharing!

Amy said...

That last line got me, too! Fun post all the way around. Thanks for sharing that adorable boy with us! :)

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