Friday, November 22, 2013

Favorite Pins Friday

Another Friday! It's cooler and rainy here, a perfect day for getting lost on Pinterest.

I mean, no, um, a perfect day for Doing Things and Getting Many Things Done in a Timely Fashion.

Or, you know, falling down the Pinterest Rabbit Hole, again.

Here are my favorites from this week (and it is probably no coincidence they are all decorating related. We're hoping there's a new to us house in the not-too distant future!):
Source: unknown
Lovely green and white kitchen. Green and white is one of my favorite color schemes for a kitchen - it's just so fresh and it's great for combining modern and vintage touches.
I love decorating with maps. Something like this for the boy's room, maybe?
I love this idea! There's a space where something like this might work in the house we're trying to buy.
Source: Fancy
Be still my heart. Love it. And only $234! That's a steal compared to what a real phone booth would cost. Except the budget doesn't stretch even to $234 book cabinets. (Or, really, book cabinets that cost much less.) Rats. Maybe I can thrift something and fix it up like this? A girl can dream.

What are you Pinning this week?

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