Saturday, October 26, 2013

Weekend Links - October 26, 2013

Happy Saturday, everyone! I'm thinking my crew is going to have the flee the premises today: the owner of our rental house is still working on the foundation and between the drilling, the pounding, and whatever else it is they're doing down there, we're all a little on edge. I'm not sure exactly where we'll go but I'm hoping a thrift store will make the agenda.

Now for the links:
Spiritual / Inner Life
  • 3 Ways to Stop Stressing About Giving by Jeff Anderson at Relevant. My two cents: giving is like anything else. Practice makes better, if not perfect. So practice giving, even if - especially if - you think you can't afford it.
  • Related: Church Giving Drops to Depression Era Lows. The sad thing to me is that at the high point in 1968 Americans were still only giving 3.1%. Really?
  • The Gospel of Ghoul by Timothy George at First Things. I am not a fan. That's not surprising since scary things, scary movies, etc. are not my idea of fun or a good time no matter what the motive.
  • Fun and Substance in Youth Ministry by Mark Howard. Encouragement for those of us working with young people.
  • What the Church Can Learn From Chick-Fil-A by David Mathis. Thought this was interesting. What sets Chick-Fil-A apart in my family's mind: they've thought of the little things. A step stool in the bathroom so little folks can wash their hands. Hand sanitizer by the play set. Free refills brought to your table. I could go on.
  • Is Feminism a Source of Good in the Church? by Denny Burke. This is a controversy I've recently seen playing out on several blogs I enjoy.
  • Doubts: Fatal or Futile? by Jonathan Holmes. Helpful post.
  • Four Reasons the Gospels Could Not Be Legends by J.D. Greear. Jesus is alive! Everything I believe is based on that one truth and that truth is not simply wishful thinking. My favorite quote from the post: "I don’t believe in Jesus based on blind faith. I believe in Jesus for the same reason these first believers did: because I am convinced the testimony of the apostles is true, that Jesus really did resurrect from the dead. And if Jesus really is alive, that changes everything."
Marriage / Parenting
Homeschooling / Education
  • How Handwriting Trains the Brain by Gwendolyn Bounds in the Wall Street Journal. In our homeschool we're still teaching cursive. It's nice to have that instinct reinforced.
  • Words of Wisdom: Laura Berquist on Classical Education Done Well by David Kern at Circe Institute. 
  • 17 Phrases You're Probably Saying Wrong by Sarah Brooks. Let's all do our part to make Facebook better and share this post over and over again until these mistakes have been beaten out of our friends and family are no longer prevalent. "For all intensive purposes" is my favorite. And by favorite I mean, "phrase that makes me want to slam my head against my desk." (Although I might disagree with her on #14, the "think" versus "thing" argument. I've done some research and it is not as simple as she makes it sound.)
That's all for this week. What caught your eye?
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Leila said...

Wow, lots of good links! Thanks so much for the double plug! We appreciate it so much!

Karen@Candid Diversions said...

No problem! I thoroughly enjoy your blog each week and I'm glad to share the love.

Jennifer Jones said...

Thank you for including me in this amazing list of resources!! xo!

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