Saturday, October 12, 2013

Weekend Links - October 12, 2013

Buckle up, weekend links readers. A week off means EXTRA links today. You might want to settle in at your computer (or device of choice) with a cup of hot chocolate. (Anyway, that's how I like to imagine my readers as they look over these link posts: following rabbit trails, learning new things and then you look up and it's two hours later.)

Spiritual / Inner Life
Marriage / Parenting
Homeschooling / Education
Culture / Politics
Writing / Creativity
NASA / Scott Carpenter
Random Things Left in My Links Folder
Well, give yourself a pat on the back. That was a lot of links, but you made it.
So, which link(s) caught your eye this week?
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Elisabeth said...

Ryan's teacher is having him tested by the school for any focusing issues. Having dealt with all this with Hannah, I know he does NOT have ADD or anything similar. He is just a boy; always making noises and just busy. IT bothers me his teacher is so hasty to have him tested for anything that might label him as something other than "boy."

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