Monday, October 21, 2013

Renovation Underway...

Here at the blog, that is.

My web guy (and what a handsome, amazing guy he is!) is working on some updates for Candid Diversions.

Except he had to go to a real job where people pay him real money instead of finishing my important but less lucrative task.

So, catch you when the reno is complete.

(Meanwhile, there is also renovation going on here at the Rental. Three guys have been working on the foundation almost non-stop since Saturday morning. Fun, fun. Quote from Miss Lili: "Um, Mom, I heard a noise. What's dat?" Imagine this about every eleven minutes while the child is awake. Like I said, fun.)


Elisabeth said...

And I bet they are there bright and early creating the noise, too! Renovations are no fun...until they are done.

MacKenzie said...

Between this post and the "I can't know how" one, I'm beginning to suspect that Lucy and Miss Lili are scheming behind our backs.