Monday, September 23, 2013

Little Miss Three

 Three. Three?

How can this be?

(Pardon the weak Seuss imitation. My brain, some time back, left on a vacation.)

She's little and pert and sure of herself.

We've called her a sprite, or a pixie, an elf.

Ne'er a dull moment, wherever she goes.

Sent here to keep everyone on their toes.

Cuddly and loving, gives sweet hugs and kisses.

Bossy, defiant, too big for her britches.

Clever with screens, smart as a whip.

Watched closely or she gives us the slip.

Looks up to those sisters, loves that sweet brother,

Brings so much joy to her father and mother.

Don't know what we'd do without her really,

The one, the only, our baby girl: Miss Lili.


Gram said...

Happy, happy birthday to our Little Miss Lili-ladybug!


Your Gram

Craig said...

Happy Birthday not-so-little Lili. I didn't realize her birthday was so close to Jonah's. It's a good week to be born apparently!

And I must say that I'm pretty impressed by your poetry.

MacKenzie said...

FYI - That wasn't Craig. That was me :-)

Jodi said...

Super cute post and Miss. Lili is super adorable!!!! Happy Birthday to your little lady! :)

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