Saturday, September 28, 2013

Birthday Girl

 Long ago, back when this blog was born, this child was called Tigger.

The bounce, the red-ish hair, the attitude, not to mention how glad we were that she was the only one (Remember Tigger's song on the original Disney movie? "I'm the only one!"), it all added up.

These days, lo these seven years later, I'm not sure it fits.

She's pretty quiet, our Tigger. The bounce is only at certain times. The attitude is under control. The challenges of Tigger at 2 (and 3 and 4 and 5...) are mostly past tense.

One thing about this blog being mostly about my family, well, it's easier to blog about the younger folks. The funny things they say or do are bloggable and they are proud of them.

The thing about parenting older children is that they're still funny creatures. They still say (and do) funny things.

But the moments become more protected. When they open up and talk about their lives, their dreams, or their fears, those times aren't just funny. They're poignant and special. I wish I could blog them, because this blog helps me remember things, but somehow I just can't.

I can tell you that this child is unique. She is talented. She is quiet (most of the time). She needs time alone to recharge (like her mom). Her favorite present today (from her aunt & uncle): a password protected journal with a spot to store small treasures, complete with invisible ink and special light. That tells you a lot about Tigger right there.

She is funny and complex and incredibly sweet and yet still gingery (like her hair). She has a way with words. She definitely has a way with the little folks. For someone who can be impatient with the rest of us, she has deep wells of patience with her toddler sister and her baby brother. She has what used to be called "a knack" with babies.

So, I'm not sure where that leaves us as far as her blog name goes. She has grown and matured greatly, but she's still our Tigger and we wouldn't have it any other way.


Lisa said...

I hope she had a fun birthday!

VanderbiltWife said...

Missing your links today! Hope you've had an OK week as you are missed on the blog. Tigger and Baby Boy are precious. Love those baby whisperers. There is a 5th grade girl at church who has started Joshua's fan club. Can't wait til she's old enough to babysit! She just loves him so gently and genuinely.

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