Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Not Back to School - Meet the Students

This is Polly. She'll be 12 in December. She's doing mostly 7th grade work.
  • Favorite subject: History / Reading
  • Nemesis: Algebra / Math
  • Strengths: logical, good memory, excellent reader, organized, dependable, hard-worker, managerial skills
  • Weaknesses: easily frustrated, sometimes procrastinates, atrocious handwriting, bossiness
 Girl on the right: Tigger. She'll be 9 next month and she's doing mostly 4th grade work
  • Favorite subject: Latin / Grammar
  • Nemesis: Math
  • Strengths: good memory, excellent writer, great penmanship, dependable, great with the littles, creative, generally quiet (I told her the other day her new nickname was "Mouse")
  • Weaknesses: easily distracted, hates change, can't be hurried, perfectionist tendencies
Girl on the left: Sweet Pea. She's 6 and she's doing mostly 1st grade work.
  • Favorite subject: Math
  • Nemesis: Learning to Read
  • Strengths: cheerful, creative, artistic, willing, diplomatic, unique perspective on everything
  • Weaknesses: forgetful, impatient, constantly moving
Miss Lili (AKA: Ladybug, Stinker, Buster). Will be 3 next month.
  • Favorite subject:Computer Skills. Girl loves her games.
  • Nemesis: potty training
  • Strengths: extreme cuteness, excellent memory, cheerful, exuberant, fearless
  • Weaknesses: strong willed, only two speeds: full speed ahead or asleep, fearlessness (if this seems similar to her list of strengths, it is)
iBoy. (AKA Baby Boy. The Boy. Bud) Will be 4 months old on September 1.
  • Favorite subject: lunch (and breakfast, second breakfast, elevenses, snack, supper, midnight snack...)
  • Nemesis: tummy time
  • Strengths: extreme cuteness, smiles, blowing bubbles, holding up his head, mellow-est baby ever
  • Weaknesses: still pretty helpless. That's not actually a weakness since it's a joy for me to care for him.
I think I have the best students ever, but I'm willing to admit to a bit of bias. I'm truly grateful for the privilege of homeschooling these kiddos. The time we spend together can occasionally be nuts, but I wouldn't trade it for anything.

How about you? How many students do you have in your homeschool?
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Amy said...

Your girls are growing so fast!! Happy school year to all of you! (Loved this post!)

VanderbiltWife said...

Baby Boy is SOOOO cute! As are all those girls. Have a great, fun, wonderful year.

Lisa said...

Love this!

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