Monday, August 5, 2013

Books of 2013 - July

July is not a big reading month. And that was true again this year. I started more books than I finished. But I still managed to finish nine. Not too shabby for a particularly busy month.

1. What Darkness Brings. Fiction by C.S. Harris. Series mystery. Finishing this one brings me up to date on this series.What I said on Goodreads:
Not my favorite in the series as there was not nearly enough Hero or Gibson and far, FAR too much Kat. Still well written and atmospheric. Hoping that Harris moves the series along a bit in the next one, helps Devlin reconcile with Hendon, and she could add Kat to the body count as far as I'm concerned.
2. London War Notes 1939-1945. Non-fiction by Mollie Pnater-Downes. One of the most fascinating and helpful books I've read for my WW2 research in a long time. I really need want my own copy of this book but with the cheapest on Amazon being a whopping $64, I think I might be waiting a while. {Goodreads}

3. The Sirens Sang of Murder. Fiction by Sarah Caudwell. Series mystery. I'd missed Caudwell up until the last couple of months but I'm quickly catching up because she's delightful. Humor is great and the characters are memorable.{Goodreads}

4. Midnight at Marble Arch. Fiction by Anne Perry. Series mystery. An example of an accomplished mystery author who could use a bit more humor. What I said on Goodreads:
Anne Perry is a prolific mystery writer and I read each new entry in her different series more as a matter of habit than "this will knock my socks off". This is probably not the strongest entry in her Thomas & Charlotte Pitt series. I knew who the bad guy was (and why) far too early in the story. I finished the book but it was quite the downer and, therefore, a slog, to do so. Fans of the characters will want to read this one to keep up with what's going on in their lives. Other readers should not start with this book if you want to see what the fuss is about.
5. What to Expect When No One's Expecting: America's Coming Demographic Disaster. Non-fiction by Jonathan Last. Despite the subtitle, this was a more hopeful look at the very subject Mark Steyn has been sounding the alarm about for years. Philip and I both read this one and the applications certainly hit home. (Although Philip is pretty sure we've done more than our fair share in lifting the numbers. In other words: five is enough. Some other folks will have to do their share too.) {Goodreads}

6. Clear Winter Nights. Fiction by Trevin Wax. Received a free copy for my review. You can read that review here. {Goodreads}

7. Breath of Dawn. Fiction by Kristen Heitzmann. What I said on Goodreads:
Better than the usual Christian fiction fare. Interesting characters. Plot was a bit thin but story was compelling despite this book's length (437 pages).

Could, perhaps, have used a bit more editing as it was sometimes slightly difficult to follow all the different characters and their motivations(especially since I haven't read the first two books in the series).

8. King George V. Non-fiction by Kenneth Rose. I finished this biography before the world knew that Prince William and Princess Catherine would name their new little prince George. (And I'm still working on the next biography from my stack which is about George VI, the current queen's father.) Anyway, this is well written biography which I highly recommend to any Royal Watcher, History Buff, or general Anglophile. (I, of course, am all three.) {Goodreads}

9. The Dark Enquiry. Fiction by Deanna Raybourn. Series mystery. Not my favorite in the series and I found it quite difficult to get into. I must not care too much about this series or the characters because I didn't even realize I'd fallen behind until I was checking the author's blog for something else. {Goodreads}

Totals for July:
Fiction: 6 (5 series mysteries)
Non-fiction: 3

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So, what did you read in July?
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