Saturday, July 27, 2013

Weekend Links - July 27, 2013

Not a lot of links this week since I only had access to the internet one day while I was at camp. Once we got home yesterday I did a bit of web surfing (do we still call it that?) but most of that was Royal Baby related. So I'm sharing some of my favorite Royal Baby stories, just in case you were also out of the loop this week and missed the news.

Non-Royal Baby Links:
  • How to Find Your Strengths from Dave Ramsey. Love the clarification that just because you're good at something doesn't necessarily make it one of your strengths.
  • When A Loved One Slanders You to Your Child by Joanne Kraft.
  • 53 Things Only '80's Girls Can Understand from Buzzfeed. (Language warning and also a warning that Buzzfeed's sidebars may contain offensive things, they are constantly changing and I have no way to be sure.) Popples! Plastic Charms! Rainbow Brite! Scrunchies, Caboodles and Pound Puppies! I had the exact same Glo Worm. I don't care about any of the boy / girl stuff in the post but all the toys had me exclaiming, "I remember that!"
  • Rocking the Tiara. Bring back tiaras! And hats, while we're at it.
Royal Baby Links:
OK. I told you the links list was short this week. I pinned basically nothing. But I did stumble across this singing group (homeschooled family) last week and wanted to be sure and share them:
The Hunts. Website here. YouTube videos here. Make This Leap (single).

If you like The Lumineers I think you'll like this very much.

Enjoy your Saturday, folks! We're off to get our family completely re-united. (That is: we're picking up the little girls from their week with the grandparents.)
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3dlessons4life said...

Hope you had fun at camp... :)
Thanks for sharing these. I am stopping by from Jessie's.

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