Monday, July 1, 2013

Two Months (And Happy Birthday!)

Hard to believe, but Baby Boy is two months old today. I've said it often and I'll say it again: the time, it flies.
He's a mellow little dude. Which is good because we like to dress him up:
And air various sentiments via his onesies:

He also went to his first Reds game this month
Which he slept almost all the way through because he was cozy in the moby wrap.

Except for the part that he needed to eat. So I made my way to the First Aid station because I had heard they'd let you nurse there. (I'm all for breastfeeding but I didn't feel like doing so in the stands. Didn't need any camera's focusing in on us at that point, know what I mean?) So, anyway, First Aid Station #1 was occupied. A very nice Reds employee accompanied me to the station one level down. Also occupied. So this nice employee accompanied me to the Press Room (past, I might add, a disturbed ball fan who was going on and on about alien abduction. Fun times.)

So, yes, Baby Boy has been fed in the plush and exclusive room where Dusty Baker gives press conferences. Good times.

Baby Boy still loves:
  • the moby wrap
  • bathtime & getting his head washed (I'd say hair but he doesn't have much)
  • eating
  • music
  • co-sleeping
  • "talking". He makes a lot more sounds and he loves it when we answer him in kind.
He's less fond of:
  • sleeping in his bed
  • being changed
  • needing a change (these preferences have not changed since last month)
  • smiling. He can smile. He just prefers not to. He's a rather serious little man.
  • swimming. We took him for his first swim last Thursday. While he didn't completely freak out about it, neither was he impressed by the experience.
Things we occasionally call him:
Baby Boy. (Yes, even in real life.)
Buster Brown.
Little Guy.
Little Man.
Gus-Gus. (No, I'm not entirely sure why. It just is, folks. It just is.)

Also today, I'm sure Baby Boy would like to wish his Granddad A Very Happy Birthday. Or, at least, he would if he knew what birthdays are.


Lisa said...

Oh, my- I love him in those glasses. I think it's funnier because of his expression. He does seem a serious sort of fellow. :) Can't wait to hold him!

Elisabeth said...

He has to be mellow with 4 gushing sisters!!

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