Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Summer Homeschool Mom

Summer Homeschool Mom attends conventions and pores over the Rainbow Resource Catalog. She compares prices at eBay, Amazon, CBD, and whatever other online classified sites she knows.

Summer Homeschool Mom cracks open The Well Trained Mind again. She reads blogs and pins ideas and downloads free unit studies and coloring sheets and planner pages.

Summer Homeschool Mom loves planners. She has at least three or four types printed and neatly plotted.

Summer Homeschool Mom thinks getting an early start sounds like a good idea. She imagines days where she wakes, showers, prays, eats, reads, and prepares for the day long before her children are up.

Summer Homeschool Mom organizes. She arranges and re-arranges the books, textbooks, folders, workbooks, guides, spines, and supplements.

Summer Homeschool Mom loves school supplies. She begins to hoard notebooks and index cards and graph paper and glue sticks and pencil boxes as if they were priceless treasures.

Summer Homeschool Mom will drive to three different stores because notebooks are cheapest at one but pens and colored paper are cheapest somewhere else. She will buy extra lead for two different types of mechanical pencils.

Summer Homeschool Mom thinks there must be a way to have a tastefully decorated house with no primary colored plastic. She imagines hanging vintage looking - but perfectly up to date - maps and artistic charts and timelines on the wall. (Academic Chic, being her preferred decorating style)

Summer Homeschool Mom thinks she can make her own manipulatives. She contemplates throwing out all the plastic things and saving or buying only the wooden blocks and manipulatives.

Summer Homeschool Mom tries to design a workspace for each child. She dreams of using the dining room table to actually dine instead of as a place to work or store papers, molecule models, shoes and Chuck E. Cheese tokens.

Summer Homeschool Mom's children would graduate with double majors at 16 years old. Her children would be fluent in Latin, French, Greek and American Sign Language. Her children would use flawless English and write breathtaking poems.

Summer Homeschool Mom's children would have instant recall of all the multiplication facts up to the 15's. They would create secret codes using Fibonacci numbers.

Summer Homeschool Mom's children would read Homer in the original Greek. They would know the causes and implications of the Peloponnesian War.

Summer Homeschool Mom's children would type at blazingly fast speeds. They would use such exquisite penmanship other folks would pay them to fill out certificates or address invitation envelopes.

Summer Homeschool Mom's children would appreciate and identify artists as disparate as Rembrandt and Rockwell. They would voluntarily hang art prints instead of posters.

Summer Homeschool Mom's children would play both piano and violin. They would discuss the finer points of Beethoven and Schubert.

Summer Homeschool Mom's children would keep pristine nature journals with fine pencil sketches and an occasional delicate watercolor. Her children's specimens would be neatly labeled with only Latin, scientific names.

Summer Homeschool Mom thinks her children could make their beds and dress in clean, matching outfits before lunch. Her children would build elaborate Lego or Playmobil worlds but then they would carefully put each piece away where it belongs.

Yes, Summer Homeschool Mom's children are a dream. Each Summer the plans are made, the books are purchased, and the planners are filled in.

And then Real Life happens.

The baby needs nursed while the Toddler throws a tantrum, the First Grader spills the plastic pattern blocks, the Fourth Grader wanders off without finishing her Math drill and the Seventh Grader bursts into tears because she missed four Pre-algebra problems and what's the use?

Then there's the laundry, the meal planning, the diaper changing (and potty training), the cleaning, the Lego picking up, the shoe finding, the "everybody needs a nap now", the "let's go to the park just because", the late summer last minute swims, the reading aloud, the movie watching and the laughing.

This is Real Homeschool Mom's life.

And somehow, despite her elaborate plans and dreams, she wouldn't have it any other way.

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Gram said...

This is the first summer since 1985 when I have not been a "Summer Homeschool Mom."

Oh, great. Now I miss it! ;)

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