Saturday, June 29, 2013

Weekend Links - June 29, 2013

June is almost over. Wild. Which means it's almost July which will pass in a flurry of camp preparations and camp and then: back to school, at least partially. I like to ease into the school year and I like to start early so we can take a lot of breaks.

Anyway, let's get on with the links:

Spiritual / Inner Life
 Marriage / Parenting
 Homeschooling / Education
  • The Unclutterer deals with the Glitter Clean-Up Cloth. And then they give some serious suggestions for cleaning up that ubiquitous glitter. (I have 4 daughters. Glitter is a plague in my life.)
  • On Life Without A Microwave from Life Your Way. I have to say that one of the big surprises in my adult life is just how unnecessary a microwave really is. We haven't had one for years and I honestly do not miss it at all.
  • Thought this before and after was cool: Turning a Small Ranch Into a 2-Story House.
  • In Moments of Crisis by Jennifer Schmidt. Practical advice on how to help a friend in crisis.
Pins of the Week:
Independence Day is Coming!

Like this bed setup (although not the skull and bones decor):


So, what caught your eye this week?
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Elisabeth said...

How do you heat up leftovers without a microwave?!thats about all we use ours for.

3dlessons4life said...

Loved your list! I am off to explore...

Stopping by from Jessie's. :)

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