Saturday, June 1, 2013

Weekend Links - June 1, 2013

Can't believe it's already June! (See my "One Month Old" post for more about why.)

I almost didn't have time to get this post done - our June calendar is looking crazy busy. But then, obviously, I did and here you go:

Spiritual / Inner Life
Marriage / Parenting
Education / Homeschooling
Pins of the Week:

(As long as I don't actually have to go, you know, camping to get one)
Yum again:

So, what caught your eye this week?
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VanderbiltWife said...

Ha on the campfire cones. Libbie told me today she wanted to go camping this summer. I told her good luck getting her daddy to agree to that. He is not a big outdoors person. And it's too stinking hot in Tennessee to go camping anyway.

Julie Anne Turner said...

Thank you for being a normal person and for linking to interesting things, despite the fact that they may include language that you would not necessarily use. You are altogether likable. The spina bifida post was excellent.

Elisabeth said...

I have tried the scones...while camping (it isn't that bad-camping). Couldn't get it to work. They either burned in the fire or tipped over and ruined.

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