Monday, June 24, 2013

Random Monday

Friends, this rental house is trying to kill me. (The picture of The Boy above has nothing to do with that sentence. I just threw that in for fun. Baby Boy! In golf shorts!)

Not only is the house slowly sliding off the hill (I mean, I assume that's what is going on since there is no straight angle in this house and our landlord started on foundation work - which means he dug a big hole and the basement is exposed to the weather - a few weeks ago and then HE HASN'T COME BACK TO FINISH IT and I am feeling very CAPSY about that) but then there are these evidences:
  • snakeskins left on my steps. Meaning some snake is feeling comfortable enough around here to take off his clothes. Yuck.
  • mice. 'Cause those snakes are apparently good for NOTHING. And I'm sure having the basement completely open to the outside is not helping.
  • bug bites. Possibly from chiggers in the extremely long grass around our house (which the house owner originally told Philip we wouldn't have to worry about but it turns out "not worrying about it" means that Philip will have to cut it himself or pay some shady character $40 a week to do or put it off so long that the homeowner's possibly estranged wife will call and bug Philip about cutting it. CAPSY, people. CAPSY.) Or it could be mites from the birds in the rafters or maybe the mice. Or some other unknown agent. I am covered in bug bites and that is not exaggerating. I got up last night, after a 2:30 AM feeding of The Boy, to take an oatmeal bath. A bath in the middle of the night is not normal behavior for me, in case you're wondering.
So I am kind of grouchy, in addition to being itchy.

But then there's this:
I can't stay grouchy long with this little guy around.
And, despite the fact that I shot a staple into my right thumb yesterday (and pulled it out myself & bandaged it without fainting - there was blood, folks. Spurting blood.), I also have this little creature to make me laugh:
Now, just in case your life has been as deluged with snakes, mice, bugs, and staples as mine has, here are some links to make you smile:
  • Hilarious pin board by Tiffany Beveridge: My Imaginary Well-Dressed Toddler. I'm guessing you'll need to be familiar with some of the more pretentious mommy bloggers to think this is as funny as I did. It made me laugh out loud. (Seriously. Not just a fake "lol".)
  • Top 16 Worship Music Typos from Stuff Christians Like. Think my favorite was probably "Our God's a greeter".
So, what's up on your Monday? (And please, please be praying and sending good thoughts our way that we'll find our Real Home soon. Before the snakes, mice, bugs, and crazy people get me.)

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