Saturday, June 1, 2013

One Month

Hard to believe, but Baby Boy is 1 month old today. The last month has absolutely flown by (as compared to the last month or so of pregnancy, which seemed to go on and on even though he was 8 days early)
1 week old
Things He Likes:
  • Being held
  • Eating
  • Music - any kind but my favorite aspect of this is that he likes to sit in his car seat and listen while I play the piano
  • Riding in the car
  • Running water in general and bathtime in specific
  • Tummy time
  • Being worn in the Moby wrap
  • Sleeping where he can hear my heartbeat or with his head on my arm
Things He Doesn't Like:
  • Being put down. (Not being held)
  • Sleeping in his bed (co-sleeping works, sleeping in the carseat works sometimes)
  • Being changed
  • Needing a change (he doesn't like when his diaper is dirty but he also doesn't like to be changed. Interesting dilemma for a newborn.)
  • Being covered up while eating
  • When it gets too quiet - he sleeps better in his carseat close to the action (girls playing or doing school) than in a quiet room by himself
  • Being put down. (Did I mention that? I did? Well, he really doesn't like it.)
His sisters are completely taken with him. We suspect he may be the most kissed baby in the history of babies. We do, of course, have to watch out for Miss Lili. Her love is kind of tough sometimes.
Baby Boy is a dream come true. Sometimes I still can't believe he's real and he's here.

But he is. And life is very good.


Lisa said...

Wow- our baby boys sound almost identical! Love him! I can't wait to hold him and kiss his chubby little cheeks

Deb said...

Babies! They are so fantastic. I love that grouchy face!

Gram said...

Yes, this month went by very quickly! But then, May usually does for our family and now we have one more reason to add to the list of why it does. :)

Elisabeth said...

I bet it is weird to write "he" instead of "she" now! They need to make a grouchy baby cartoon out of him like the grouchy cat.

Jodi G. said...

So sweet!!! Happy 1 month birthday to your little man!!! :)

Amy said...

Cute-ee pa-toot-ee! Happy 1 month! :)

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