Saturday, May 18, 2013

Weekend Links - May 18, 2013

Another week, another pushed back house closing. This buyer has had a contract on our house since March 18. We've been expecting a closing ANY DAY NOW for over a month. We hurried to move out of our house and into this rental because we were supposed to be out before May 1. And here we are, still waiting.

If I sound done with it all, it's just because I am.

Miss Lili and I had to make a doctor's visit this week. She has an ear infection (among other symptoms) and I have a sinus infection. Considering I've been fighting this cold or virus or whatever it is since before Baby Boy was born, I'm ready for it to just go away already.

Oh, and tomorrow's my birthday.

But, anyway, on to the links!

Spiritual / Inner Life
Marriage / Parenting
Homeschooling / Education
  • On Pre-reading Your Children's Books from Higher Up and Further In.
  • Age Appropriate Books for the Precocious Reader from Hope is the Word. Many homeschool parents run in to this difficulty. One piece of advice that I heard at a homeschool convention: encourage these young but precocious readers to read biographies (especially of Christians who have lived before us). True life adventures and challenges will inspire them while satisfying their desire for action.
Pins of the Week:
Once again, I didn't spend much time on Pinterest this week. But yet another peanut butter / chocolate dessert caught my eye:

So, what caught your eye this week?
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3dlessons4life said...

Great list! I am off to explore. Thanks :)

Elisabeth said...

Sounds good! I can't wait for some quiet time with the computer to read more.

VanderbiltWife said...

My FIL doesn't like peanut butter and chocolate. (Nor does Europe, apparently.) How is that possible?? Can someone explain it to me?

I always wish I had time to read every post you suggest! Someday, maybe! I read the best friends one and then went on a rabbit trail and ended up three blogs later because of the linkies. Ha.

Amy said...

What?! I thought we were the only ones in the world that don't have smart phones. Good looking links, as usually. And happy birthday. :)

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